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SSL Certificate Security

Are you selling it?

The Indian SSL certificate market grew by 40% in 2014.

Did you get a piece of the pie?

Symantec's SSL Portfolio has 85% market share in India.

Did you know that SSL certificates protect more than just websites?

Sell at least one to everyone.

Secure Authentic Profits forever.

Become an SSL Champion today!

SSL Champions Club motto:

Best pricing

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100% customer satisfaction

SSL & Code Signing Certificates from only the best in IT security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a trust and security protocol, which the IT industry has adopted since 1997, is of even greater importance today.

As everything goes online, with the intense penetration of the internet, cyber security concerns are at the forefront. Implementation of SSL & Code Signing certificates, is now considered to be the baseline standard for internet security.

Membership of the SSL Champions Club is your route to "secure authentic profits" by ensuring that all your customers are SSL secured. Offering SSL & Code Signing certificates from the Symantec Website Security Solutions portfolio, ensures you are supported by a brand which is acknowledged as the global leader in every aspect of IT security.

Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd is a Symantec SSL master reseller, with platinum and specialist rating, since 1998, located in Mumbai, India.

We are here to make you, truly profit from SSL!

Why resell SSL certificates ?

  • Every customer needs SSL.
  • SSL/https improves your customer's websites Google search ranking.
  • SSL certificates can generate and sustain profits.
  • Move up the value chain as a security consultant.
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We make reselling SSL easy?

  • A single point contact for every SSL solution.
  • Free membership to an exclusive club.
  • Technical support all ours.
  • We will help you sell better.
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Why choose SSL Champions Club?

  • SSL solutions from only the best.
  • Lowest member pricing with fanatical technical support.
  • No monthly target or pressure on performance.
  • Rewards and awards for high performing members.

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Happy Internet experience?

  • SSL certificates ensure privacy of communications.
  • Anti-Malware Scan ensures safe websites and visitors.
  • SSL certificates create trust online.
  • Extended Validation SSL prevents phishing scams.
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Upto 80% OFF

Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., a Symantec Website Security Solutions, specialist platinum master reseller, is part of the Adwebtech Group which specializes in IT security solutions. Our group company Adweb Techno-Trade Pvt., Ltd., is a leading Registration Authority of the SIfy CA, for the issuance of India CA digital signature certificates required for e-governance and etendering. Besides, we also offer two-factor authentication from VASCO Data Security & PKI solutions from Ascertia, Symantec,Thales& Safenet. Our identity & access management practice is co-partnered with OpenIAM and IMPRIVATA. Adwebtech means secure e-business.

About Us

SSL Champions Club, from Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai, India, is an SSL & Code Signing Certificate sales partner program that offers its members the opportunity to "secure authentic profits", reselling Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte & RapidSSL.


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