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We are established as the principle partner with leading Certificates Authorities (CA) over 15 years. This long term association has given us an extensive insight in the world of SSL certificate solutions. We know what would be primary concerns of a reseller. Some of the basic queries as a reseller would be…

  • How would you decide whether a program is worth your time and energy?
  • How would you know that you can trust to buy SSL certificates through a reseller program?
  • What benefits does it give you on reselling?

We have answers to all these questions…

Low cost and credibility are among core values of our reseller programs. We have always believed that when you have your customer's trust, you have their business. Hence, your credibility is of paramount importance to your customers. If your customer does not feel secure doing business with you, they are likely take their business elsewhere very easily. Therefore, when it comes to SSL security, give your customers only high quality protection. Sell them SSL certificates only from globally recognised Certificates Authorities (CA) s.

Our reseller programs do not compromise on levels of SSL security. They offer SSL certificates only from globally renowned CAs like RapidSSL and Geotrust. As the principle partners with these global brands in India, we can offer you the best available SSL certificate solutions. Through our partner programs, we will work with you to strengthen your customer's trust. You can assure your customer that they will get SSL security that meets their needs. Partner with us and you will never lose your customer's trust.

Along with their need of SSL security, budget also plays an important part for the customer. Sometimes, it is top priority. We respect this fact and inculcate that in our reseller programs. As the master partner with global CAs, we provide SSL certificates issued by them at inexpensive prices. Hence, as a reseller you get double benefits. On one hand, you can provide a quality SSL certificate solution to your customer. On other hand, you can earn attractive sales margin.

Buying SSL certificates through our reseller program will be much cheaper than buying directly from a CA. Our principle partnership allows obtaining SSL certificates at highly discounted prices from the CA. We transform these savings into profits for our sales partners. When you buy through our reseller program, you get direct advantage in pricing. Most importantly, this is without any compromise in the quality of SSL certificate solutions you get.

As a sales partner, we are committed to provide SSL certificate solutions that will fit your budget. We are confident that we can provide you SSL certificate solution that suits your finances. That is, without lowering the SSL security you provide to your customers. Not to forget, you can also earn excellent sales margin as you sell through our reseller programs. We will always be there to support you whether its flexibility in pricing or technical support or marketing.

Contact us anytime and learn how we can help you to become a brand that your customer trusts and confines for their need of SSL certificate solutions every single time.


At Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., we are committed to make your experience of buying SSL certificates truly exceptional. Through our longstanding professional work, we have established extensive knowledge in the field of SSL security. Our objective is to provide high quality SSL security solutions at very competitive prices. We want our partners to grow their business relying on the unrivalled benefits and advantages we provide. We want to assist you to leave the competition behind… as a champion would!


We consider honesty as integral part of our core values. Honesty is one of the ingredients of our success. We believe that truth makes us stronger and versatile as an organisation. Honesty in business helps us to avoid unpleasant situations and consequences that may arise due to untruths. We believe in conducting business solely on the merit of truthful facts. Honesty is at the very foundation of the successful organization we have built. We are committed to conduct business in honest and ethical manner.


We consider it as our responsibility to provide SSL certificate solutions that offers only the best of the SSL protection and benefits. Therefore, we provide SSL certificates only from the globally respected SSL brands. Our establishment as master reseller of the global SSL brands in India gives us this unique advantage. We assist our partners to achieve continuous improvement in their SSL reselling business. We consider High quality SSL protection, trust and accountability vital to success of our business. We ensure that this remains a priority for our organisation as a whole and each person working within it.

About Us

SSL Champions Club, from Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai, India, is an SSL & Code Signing Certificate sales partner program that offers its members the opportunity to "secure authentic profits", reselling Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte & RapidSSL.


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