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Reselling SSL made easier…

As the online industry is expanding with growing business opportunities, so does the competition. Especially, if you are into domains selling or web hosting, you would know how intense the competition gets. Establishing long term relationship with customer on basis of these business functions is very tough. Mostly because they does not have lasting value and long term prospects.

Besides, earning and retaining customer's trust is has become more important due to growing threat of online piracy, data and identity thefts. You need SSL security to counter this menace and retain your customer's business.

SSL security has become mandatory criteria for a website to achieve high ranking in leading search engines. Any serious online business will have to apply SSL certificate to their website. Absence of SSL security can create a serious negative impact on ranking of your customer's website. This can reflect poorly on your business functions and brand value.

SSL security must be a part of your services and products to sustain your business into this segment of customers. Otherwise, it will not be surprising if your customers decide to switch over to another provider.

To avoid such pitfalls, join hands with us and provide top quality SSL certificate solution to your customer. Our reseller program gives you a golden opportunity to advance your business with your customers through SSL security solutions.

Our reseller programs are built to give our sales partners maximum profit as they sell. We have a wide range of SSL certificates including EV (extended Validation) from most trusted global Certificate Authorities such as Geotrust and RapidSSL. These global brands are very popular in the SMB community. Adding globally respected SSL certificates to your offerings will make your bond with customer stronger.

Now, buying an SSL certificate is not the most thrilling task. But, we make it easier. Our reseller program provides a smooth and easy to go approach to buy SSL certificates. More importantly, it gives you multiple benefits as our sales partner.

The highlight of our reseller program is pricing. As a reseller with us, you can make significant savings on buying SSL certificates from world famous CAs such as RapidSSL and Geotrust. After all, buying SSL certificates from their master partner in India has its advantages. Our partnership allows us to avail SSL certificates at highly discounted prices in large numbers. As our reseller, you will be in ideal position to gain advantage of this cost reduction. While providing SSL certificates from globally popular brands, you can make a handsome sale margin.

Our collaboration with sales partners does not end just at giving profit through sales. We extend our partners support they deserve. Our customer support centre is available 24x7 with highly skilled and experienced staff. Their objective is to provide strong backup to our sales partners. We want to make sure that you retain your customers for lifetime.

What's more, signing up with us is completely free! We do not need an upfront investment from you to become our esteemed sales partner. So, no need to wait anymore! Just contact us anytime. We want to hear from you…

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SSL Champions Club, from Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai, India, is an SSL & Code Signing Certificate sales partner program that offers its members the opportunity to "secure authentic profits", reselling Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte & RapidSSL.


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