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Become a SSL provider to your customers

Are you into web hosting or selling domains?

Is your business about protecting your customer's online data and interests?

If you are running above business functions then a golden business opportunity awaits you. Selling SSL certificates through your customer channel can be a highly profitable business. If you are running any one or more from above business ventures, join hands with us as a SSL reseller. Our reseller program will give you an excellent corridor to grow your revenue quickly through your existing customer channel.

As you would already know, online industry is highly competitive. It is in the best interest of your business to maintain lasting relation with customers. Even more important strategically, as your entire customer base could be potential sales targets. If they find better business opportunity, they could decide to take their business away from you. Hence, to stand out among the competition is the best way to retain your customers. How exactly can you do that?

Answer is…by making then feel secure in doing business with you, both in terms of security and cost. Our SSL reseller programs will help you in this regard.

You would already know the customer you are working with. You will know about their online security requirements. Proving top notch SSL certificate solutions will greatly help you in meeting and even exceeding their expectations. Add globally respected SSL certificate solutions at inexpensive cost into your offerings. With us as your sales partner, provide SSL certificate solutions to your customers.

We provide wide range of SSL certificates to meet customers' SSL requirements as per their needs. However, we take special interest in providing EV (extended Validation) certificates. EV certificates are fast becoming symbol of protection and trust among the businesses and common consumers. Based on our years of experience in the field of SSL security, we can say that EV certificates are way to go with SSL security.

As our partner, you will be getting the best possible sales margin in the industry. We are the principle partner with leading global SSL certification authorities such as Geotrust and RapidSSL in India. This position gives us an unparalleled advantage in terms of quality of the SSL protection we provide. It also gives us great opportunity to provide significant sales margins to our partners. As a principle partner, we get SSL certificates at deeply discounted prices. We make sure to transfer this advantage to our partners. Since we do not ask for any upfront investment from our partners, advantage of reselling with exceptional sales margins will maximise your profit.

Apart from quality and financial rewards, we give equal importance to support and marketing. We assure you that we will provide the support you deserve. Our technical crew extensively works with our partners to support their needs. We also support our partners through marketing campaigns to help them grow their sales network. Explore further to know more…

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Partner with us and see your business and brand name
grow beyond your expectations.

About Us

SSL Champions Club, from Adweb Technologies Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai, India, is an SSL & Code Signing Certificate sales partner program that offers its members the opportunity to "secure authentic profits", reselling Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte & RapidSSL.


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Partner with us and see your business and brand name grow beyond your expectations.